The Impact of the Elephant

“Helps gain efficiency across the board”

Dive into the “Why Mobile Assistant” topic from both the OSJ and Advisor perspectives. You will learn from two Cambridge OSJs and an LPL Advisor how Mobile Assistant helps efficiency, compliance and client experience with our easy to implement dictation solution.

“If you want to run an efficient office, you need to incorporate Mobile Assistant. I don’t believe I’ve ever had to edit a dictation. You can tell there’s a human being doing the work.”

Nichole Reinhardt – CW Financial Strategies/Cambridge Investment Research Advisors

“Templates = Success

Josh Harmon and his team at Harmon Smith Financial Group have saved thousands of dollars in administrative tasks using Mobile Assistant’s template feature.

Find out how three simple templates over the past 6 years have streamlined their day-to-day workflow in this eye-opening case study!

“Mobile Assistant templates help keep our thoughts organized
and ensure that every report that comes back looks the same.”

 Josh Harmon, Harmon Smith Financial Group

Never miss a detail.
Start making the most out of every client meeting.


Royal Standley of Oregon Pacific Financial Advisors shares how the Mobile Assistant Talk-It App has changed the way he records notes. Nothing is falling through the cracks as it could have before Mobile Assistant.

See how the team at Oregon Pacific Financial Advisors relies on Mobile Assistant for detailed, complete notes every time in this case study!

“Talk It Mobile is a simple way to get your notes into the CRM, which we all try to keep
track of. I don’t have to go type notes and add them to the CRM. My assistant doesn’t have
to decipher my notes either. The templates keep us on track and help
keep track of data.”

James Monroe, Oregon Pacific Financial Advisors

An Evolved Dictation-Driven Client Experience

The Allworth Financial team doubled in growth in the last two years, and they needed workflows to support their growing client base. That’s why they turned to Mobile Assistant! Now, the customer is well-supported with consistent, templated notes from their Mobile Assistant transcriptionist!

Read how they use Mobile Assistant to bring peace of mind to their clients with consistent support in a volatile 2020!

I’ve worked in financial customer service for 30 years, and I’ve seen how paper and

time-intensive workflows can completely derail the client’s experience with their advisor. When I joined Allworth, it was refreshing to see how streamlined the entire process was at the center was Mobile Assistant.

Jennifer Maher, Allworth Financial

“In terms of time saved, it’s been a complete gamechanger”

Southwestern Investment Group (SWIG), an affiliate of Raymond James, is a team who “works together to improve your financial life.”  Two of SWIG’s up and coming financial advisors have insightful things to say about how Mobile Assistant’s dictation service has helped them achieve the goal of becoming more efficient, thereby allowing them to better service their clients and maintain business relationships.


“You need to be energized – if you’re not, people won’t want to work with you. Note taking takes your energy away. Dictating right after your meeting and getting it done actually empowers you.

Jackson Wilcox, Southwestern Investment Group

Never miss a detail.
Start making the most out of every client meeting.