Security and Confidentiality at Mobile Assistant

Protecting your data and providing you a confidential way to document client meeting notes is a critical part of the Mobile Assistant service to our customers. Here are just a few of the security measures we have in place so you can rest easy that your business is protected.

The Dictation Capture Process

  • Our Talk It mobile app includes 2 factor authentication
  • Our dictation hotline requires a registered phone number or unique PIN before dictation

Storage & Delivery of your Notes

  • Customer data is encrypted at rest and in transmission
  • Talk It Online access through best-practice SSL security protocols
  • TLS encrypted secure email delivery of your notes
  • CRM delivery through secure API integrations

Customizable Security

  • Mobile Assistant has additional ways we can customize your account to meet your compliance needs. From delivery of your notes only through Talk It Online, to note storage settings, we will work with you to meet your security requirements.

Superior Customer Service

  • Our Compliance Team is available to answer any security questions
  • Need more information?  Email us at or call 888-373-1916 and we’ll be happy to help!