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Freestyle Dictation

With Mobile Assistant, recording vital information on the go when you only have a few spare minutes and no meeting template to use is no problem. In minutes, you can securely capture important details that might otherwise be lost to memory.

Template-Driven Dictation Process

Keep your entire team of financial advisors – whether you have 10 or 1,000 – on track with the same consistent processes with meeting note Templates. After our team of U.S.-based transcriptionists have processed your notes, you’ll receive them back organized and structured just like you spoke them in the templated format. The replication of your meeting note process has never been easier.

Notes on the Go

Accessing your meeting notes is easy with our TalkIt+ mobile app. Whenever you need to pull up a client meeting notes on the go, you can search for and find what you need quickly. TalkIt+ makes accessing your meeting notes on the go fast, simple, and efficient – allowing you to find what you need, when you need it.

Technology with the Human Touch

There are numerous different AI solutions available if all you want is to record yourself speaking and have it instantly spit out inaccurate text. But if accuracy is important, and you value your time, Mobile Assistant is the note taking solution for you. You should demand a precise meeting note process, and Mobile Assistant delivers.

Assistant Template Manager

Mobile Assistant’s Assistant Template Manager is the tool you need to align every person on your team to follow the same client engagement workflows and processes. With structured and replicable processes, your team stays on track and focused ensuring your clients receive superior service no matter who they’re working with on your team. In seconds, your entire team has access to the dictation templates you’ve designed for their next recording experience. Implementing workflows that really work is a reality using the Mobile Assistant’s Assistant Template Manager.

Dictation Best Practices

Although getting started with Mobile Assistant is easy, we have some proven tips to elevate your dictation experience to the highest level! These 4 tips will help kickstart your Mobile Assistant routine! Don’t forget, you can always book a free coaching session with our Client Experience Team at