Join Our Mobile Assistant Team!

The transcription needs of the financial and insurance industry continue to grow in popularity.  Mobile Assistant currently has full-time Financial Industry Transcription Assistant employment opportunities available.

Essential Duties:

Essential job duties for this position include the following items. Other duties must be performed as assigned or required.

  • Edit, transcribe, review and input dictation for a variety of reports such as client meetings, consultations, etc.
  • Translate industry jargon and abbreviations into expanded form.
  • Maintain confidentiality in all situations.
  • Work toward continuous quality improvement.
  • Stay current with changing technology, including software programs.
  • Uphold, support, and promote all company policies and procedures


  • Must be an experienced transcriptionist – 2-3 years of experience minimum, editing experience a plus
  • Must be interested in a full-time position (35+ hours / week)
  • Working location must be based in the United States.

 Compensation and Benefits:

  • Hourly compensation starting at $13/hour
  • All positions have semi-annual reviews to reward high performers
  • Paid time off
  • Medical, Dental, Vision and Long-term disability insurance available to eligible employees with Mobile Assistant paying a portion of the employee’s premium.
  • Flexible shift schedules
  • 401k Retirement Savings plan

How to apply?

Please email a current resume with your correct contact information to for consideration. We only hire employees in states where Mobile Assistant is registered for business operations.

Visit our website for more information: Mobile Assistant

About Us:

Mobile Assistant is family owned and operated and proudly support the very best U.S. based transcriptionists. If you would like to join our team of professionals, you will be required to produce the highest quality notes and be dependable and hard working. If you possess these qualities, our workload is very consistent, our management staff is courteous and helpful, and our transcription system is state of the art. Learn more here: About Us

What Our Transcriptionists Have to Say:

If you are seeking a work-at-home career in transcription that offers flexible hours with excellent Quality Assurance assistance, Mobile Assistant is the place for you. I am quickly approaching my third year with Mobile Assistant, and they are a fast-growing, professional, and friendly company. There is always plenty of work to do and the flexibility they allow is very accommodating for the inconsistencies of when “life happens.”

Debbie Arnold

“I enjoy working for MA for several reasons.  All of the people I have worked with have been super nice and being able to create your own schedule is a plus!  Of course, working at home is a super-plus!”

Deborah Griffin

“Mobile Assistant is such a wonderful company to work for.  My favorite things about the company are you can create your own schedule every week, the work is plentiful, and management is very prompt in getting back to you if you need anything.”

Tiffany Miller

“I LOVE working at Mobile Assistant!!  Everyone is extremely friendly and very willing to help.  My schedule is very flexible and we are recognized for a job well done.  I can’t believe I was so lucky to find Mobile Assistant.”

Beth Champagne

“I have been with Mobile Assistant for going on five years and this is the first place that I’ve worked for that truly cares about its employees and always willing to help answer any question I may have on a report.”

Deborah Bond

“The support for transcriptionists is phenomenal!”

Beverlie Langieri

“I’ve been with Mobile Assistant almost 3 years. The staff is phenomenal!  Questions or problems that I’ve encountered are addressed right away.  I love being able to work from home and have a flexible weekly schedule. They are a family-oriented company. The Benefits are a Plus especially the 401(k)!”

Mary Butzlaff

“MA has been the most team-oriented place I have ever worked at.  I love the solid support system we have here…”

Heather Enloe