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Mobile Assistant Streamlines a Multi-Level Client Service Approach for $10B Allworth Financial


Allworth Financial, formerly known as Hanson McClain, is an independent wealth management firm with approximately $10 billion AUM and 17 offices nationwide. And while many firms of their kind tout client-centricity, Allworth has built an entire business model on client service.
Their multi-level client service workflow assigns small groups of advisors to a designated client service representative (CSR) whose role is to ensure all of the client’s needs are met and every task is completed with very little lag time. The success of this “pod” model has made Allworth a sought-after destination for advisory teams, but it’s also raised the stakes for finding a tech stack that makes the entire process seamless.

“We’ve doubled our growth in the last two years, and that growth has been both exciting and challenging,” says Jennifer Maher, the firm’s Client Service Director. “The challenge is to continuously remove the obstacles for our advisors. When you make their lives easier, they’re able to spend more time with the client and create that elevated client experience.”

This is exactly what led Allworth to Mobile Assistant.

“I’ve worked in financial customer service for 30 years, and I’ve seen how paper- and time-intensive workflows can completely derail the client’s experience with their advisor,” says Jennifer. “When I joined Allworth, it was refreshing to see how streamlined the entire process was at the center was Mobile Assistant.”

An Evolved Dictation-Driven Client Experience

Allworth doesn’t joke around when it comes to efficient, scalable workflows.

The team first added Mobile Assistant to its tech stack in 2016 to help streamline the note taking and note archival processes. Over the years, the client service teams have fully integrated the solution into their workflows for task management and client follow-up.

They are trained to open Mobile Assistant before every meeting, and once they receive the dictation, it’s uploaded into Salesforce and emailed to their CSR so they can review and execute on any tasks that need to be taken care of.

For one advisor group within Allworth, RAA, the addition of Mobile Assistant Templates has been a significant game-changer to both their internal and client communication processes. After introducing the Template innovation to the platform in 2019, Mobile Assistant worked closely with the RAA team to design customized templates that fit the needs of the organization and the advisors. Using these note-taking templates, the advisors saw an immediate improvement in the structure and organization of client notes, while dramatically reducing the number of tasks and prospect opportunities that could potentially slip through the cracks.
In addition to RAA, advisor teams all across the country have taken advantage of Mobile Assistant Templates and seen firsthand the impact it can make on their overall efficiency.

No Lag Time

One of the greatest value-adds to the advisors and CSR’s is the speed and accuracy of the client meeting notes. Mobile Assistant’s real, human dictation specialists leverage the Templates as well, so that notes are recorded quickly, accurately, and in the same format each and every time. When advisors get the notes back, they’re already outlined and formatted so that their CSR’s can begin following up on the tasks at hand.

“There is barely any lag time with Mobile Assistant. Our advisors are trained to leave their dictation right away, and the CSR team is immediately following up with what the clients need. This is a HUGE part of the process for us,” says Leon Verriere, Director of IT Infrastructure at Allworth.”

Better Team Communication

Another major value-add for Allworth is the communication and workflow for its advisor teams who sit across their 17 offices nationwide. With easy-to-read templates, CSR’s can quickly scan and identify areas that require more information or clarity from the advisor.

“CSR’s can follow up with the advisor almost immediately, no matter where they are. Because the notes look the same way every time, it makes it really easy for the CSR to say, ‘Can you give me more information?’ or, ‘This doesn’t look right,’” says Leon.

Advisor Value-Add: Consistent Support in a Volatile Year

2020 brought concerns and challenges for everyone, and as the markets faced extreme volatility in the face of a global pandemic, advisors at Allworth naturally saw an uptick in client meetings.

“Mobile Assistant got a lot of volume in 2020 as our advisors proactively reached out to clients. Throughout all of this volatility, CSR’s were able to stay organized and diligent with follow-up tasks and our clients ultimately felt supported because their needs were being met in a timely manner,” said Jennifer.

An Advisor Recruitment Tool

As Allworth continues to expand through nationwide acquisition of likeminded firms, the leadership team sees Mobile Assistant is a key value-add for prospective advisors. Just recently, Allworth acquired $2.8B Texas-based RIA Firm, Retired Airline Advisors (RAA), which specializes in pension plans for retired pilots.

As part of their assimilation into Allworth, the advisor and CSR teams are learning how to integrate Mobile Assistant into their everyday workflows and are optimistic at the rate of efficiency they’re already seeing.

A very special thank you to Allworth Financial for their partnership and candor, especially to Jennifer Maher and Leon Verriere. Mobile Assistant is incredibly proud to be a part of your team.

Your firm can take efficiency to new heights too!

Just as Allworth Financial discovered that Mobile Assistant does more than just transcribe dictated notes, your firm can partner with us to realize increased time to spend either in front of your clients or at home with your family. Additionally, your documentation will be organized and efficient.

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