Protecting your data and providing you a confidential way to document client meeting notes is a critical part of the Mobile Assistant service to our customers. Here are just a few of the security measures we have in place so you can rest easy that your business is protected.

The Dictation Capture Process

  • Our Talk It Mobile application includes identity verification
  • Our dictation hotline requires a registered phone number or unique PIN before dictation

Storage & Delivery of your Notes

  • Customer data is encrypted at rest and in transmission
  • Talk It Online access through best-practice SSL security protocols
  • TLS encrypted secure email delivery of your notes
  • CRM delivery through secure API integrations

Customizable Security

  • Mobile Assistant has additional ways we can customize your account to meet your compliance needs. From delivery of your notes only through Talk It Online, to note storage settings, we will work with you to meet your security requirements.

Superior Customer Service

  • Our Compliance Team is available to answer any security questions
  • Need more information?  Email us at or call 888-373-1916 and we’ll be happy to help!

One dictator per Mobile Assistant subscription is allowed. Please contact our Client Services Team at to add additional subscriptions for your team!

You can choose to receive your Mobile Assistant reports in the body of the email, as a Word attachment, or both. This can be changed by logging into Talk It Online.

Yes! You can have up to 10 email addresses in your Note delivery list to automatically receive a copy of every Note you dictate.

If you would like your note to be delivered to ONLY a specified email address(es), at the beginning of your note, say “Email to” and then say the email address(es) you want the note to be delivered to.

Mobile Assistant does not limit your dictation time per call.  Monthly subscriptions include 1,000 lines (approximately 100 minutes) of dictation time per month. There is a 15 cents per line charge above 1,000 lines of dictation per month. Annual subscriptions include 3,000 lines (approximately 100 minutes) of dictation time per quarter. There is a 15 cents per line charge above 3,000 lines of dictation per quarter.

Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express credit cards are accepted at Mobile Assistant!

Mobile Assistant Accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Expressdiscover card

Mobile Assistant is intended for an individual to speak notes, memoranda and to record common business data. Multi-speaker dictation is not allowed. Our service is not intended as a legal or medical transcription service unless the user has signed up for a legal or medical subscription. The dictation of short notes and memoranda is an appropriate use of Mobile Assistant. Dictating numerous multiple-page or highly complex documents is not. If we find that a subscriber is dictating a large number of documents that exceeds these boundaries, or has more than one speaker dictating, as interpreted by Mobile Assistant, we reserve the right to offer the change to a line rate dictation plan or to terminate such a subscriber’s account.

If you choose to use Mobile Assistant, we will require you to provide contact and identity information, billing information, and other Personal Information as indicated on the Site. We do not sell or rent your Personal Information to third parties for their marketing purposes without your explicit consent. The information that we gather from you through the Site enables us to provide, maintain and improve the Site and the Services, personalize your experience, process your requests, which includes the following information:

Personal Information that you provide to Mobile Assistant or otherwise disclose or post in connection with the Site or the Services, including the following:

a. Your name, address, email address, and other basic contact information;

b. Your preferences, content, mobile device information, and credit card information;

c. Communications and other messages, including correspondence between Mobile Assistant and you.

No, they will not. Though they will appear in your transcribed note, only lines transcribed from your dictation will be tallied toward your subscription lines. The Assistant Template questions will populate to help with reading context, as well as note organization.

Yes, the questions assigned to the Assistant Template you used, at the time of dictation, will be auto-populated for our transcriptionists to fill your notes into the appropriate question fields.

Actively scroll through the carousel of questions, until the question of your choice comes into focus. You’ll be able to freely scroll through these questions at any time during recording.

Though this is not necessary, it’s highly recommended. Any context offered about which question a dictation refers to, especially if it does not following the order of template questions, will greatly help our transcriptionist organize a note properly. Simply reading the question or a summary of it, prior to dictating, is a wonderful way to do this.

With professional, human, transcriptionists creating your notes, any kind of verbal cues you can give the better, helping them place your thoughts into the right question fields.

Recording is taking place if you see “Recording” in red at the bottom of your Assistant recording session, followed by the active timer in red also.

Currently, there is no playback functionality in the Assistant recording session. If your Assistant session is interrupted (you close out the app) and an “unsubmitted” note is created in the Notes tab, a playback recording will be there to help you remember where you left off. If a playback feature would be helpful in the Assistant, please let us know at

Currently, appending unsubmitted Assistant notes will take place in the normal recording screen, not back in an Assistant recording session. Even though your amendment took place in the normal Record session, your Assistant questions will still be present in the final transcribed note. To recall where you’ve left off, you’ll see the audio playback bar at the bottom of the unsubmitted note to help your recall where you’ve left off. When you begin the appending session, the timer will start at 00:00:00, starting a new addition of audio.

At the bottom of the Assistant section, click “Create Template” to add a custom template of your own. You may need to scroll down to find this button if there are multiple templates attached to your account.

To edit an existing Assistant Template, click the ellipsis (…) in the top right of an Assistant Template tile. You will first be prompted to change the title or the color of the template, followed by the questions attached to the template.

Click the ellipsis (…) in the top right of an Assistant Template tile to access the editing screen. Then, click the “trash can” icon on the top right to delete the template.

  • There is a current 100 character limit per question today. The question will not accept any more text when you’ve reached the limit.

Simply clear the text in the question you no longer want, and it will not appear in your Assistant Template. The field will remain there in case you want to add a different question to it, and will disappear when you press “return” on your keyboard, or “add question” / “Save & Close” on the bottom of your screen.

We do not fully support the use of emojis in Assistant template questions at this time.

If you pause your recording, you will see an audio playback bar appear at the bottom of the session to help you recall where you’ve left off. When you’re ready to continue, press the “mic” to start recording again. Please note, that selecting the “x” at the top left of the session will actually prompt you to delete the session. If while you’re away from the recording session, and if for any reason the app closes while you’re away, we will save you audio we received up to the time of the app closing and will create an “unsubmitted” note in the note section to allow you to append to the original audio.

This is a known issue with Android phones running on some of the old operating system version. Please go into your device settings to see if an update is available for later versions of the operating system.  If this is not your situation, please contact us at

If you close the app while the audio progress bar at the top of the screen (seen after submission) is still in progress, we will create an “unsubmitted” note for you in the notes section for you to retry the submission process.

If you pick up a call during a dictation session, or engage any other functionality that uses the mic of your device, your session will be automatically paused for you. When you return to Talk It, be sure to press “Record” on the bottom right to continue dictating where you left off.

If you click “x” in the top left of the session, this will prompt you to actually delete the note. If you would like to stall the session for a time and come back later, you can either pause the recording, keep the app open, and resume later, OR you can close the app while the recording is taking place, and this will create an unsubmitted note in your notes section to append audio to later.

You can background the app to browse your device, or even open and interact with other apps, Talk It will continue to record, unless you use the mic of your device in a different app, at which point Talk It will pause your session for you until you’re ready to resume using the mic for Talk It.

If you started a dictation on an Android device, for example, and your app created an unsubmitted note, you can actually append audio to the original from an iOS or tablet device. You also could of course append audio to an unsubmitted note from a different device of the same type (i.e. start on an iOS and finish on a different iOS device).

The typical turn around time of transcription is 8 business hours. If you have a specific inquiry about a pending note, in the Notes section, select the “pending” note you have in mind, and tap “Need help? Send us an email…” to directly contact support about that specific note.

The Notes tab occasionally refreshes, so it is there, but just not visible yet.  For more immediate feedback, pull the notes screen down to refresh the page, and the note you’re looking for should quickly pop up. If it does not, please contact us at

There are three ways to add detail to a note to allow for easier searching later:

  1. At the beginning of your dictation, say “subject is…” and we will use this as the title of your note, as well as the subject line of the email we will deliver the completed note in
  2. At the beginning of your dictation, speak and spell the name of the contact, and we will use this as the title of your note. If you speak both the subject and the contact name, we will use the subject in the title of the note, and place the contact name in the body of your note. If neither are done, the title will default to “Note.”
  3. Add a “tag” to a completed note by going into the completed note of your choice and select “add tag” at the top of the expanded note.

Notes submitted after our most recent app update will have the original dictation audio file attached to the note, while notes submitted before the update will not have audio files attached for playback. Historical audio files will be available and attached to older notes on the mobile app soon, as far back as November 1st, 2018. In the meantime, if you’d like to hear the dictation of past completed notes, you can access them by logging into your online account and viewing a note from the Notes List.

An unsubmitted note will appear in your notes tab, accompanied by a red badge for awareness, for one of two reasons:

  1. The prior dictation failed to upload, or
  2. The Talk It app was closed out during a dictation session.
  1. For failed uploads – select the unsubmitted note and press “submit recording” to try again (there may have been a network issue the first time).
  2. For interrupted sessions – select the unsubmitted note, submit if you’re satisfied with where it was left, or press “append recording” to pick up where you left off in your session.

Tip: if there are multiple unresolved unsubmitted notes, you’ll need to listen to the playback to figure out which one needs what action.

Tip: this will be true of the Assistant recording session too

As of today, “pending” notes will not appear in the notes tab of Talk It, however, completed notes will appear in the notes tab for later reference. Also, for now, completed notes sent from the hotline will not have an audio playback attached to the completed note in the Talk It app. If you’d like to hear these recordings, you can access this on your online account. An enhancement will be coming soon to show hotline notes as “pending” in Talk It, as well as their original audio file.

Currently you can search for the title of completed notes or a “tag” attached to the note. The tile of a note will either be the “subject” or the “contact” that was dictated.

Specifically on iOS, if you submitted an audio, and immediately backgrounded the app while looking elsewhere on your phone, the audio will not upload until you foreground app.

Tap the “Account” tab in the Talk It tray, and you will see a progress bar of line usage at the top of the scree, for the relevant billing cycle you’re in.

Currently, the only account management you can take on from Talk It Mobile is to change your password. For all other account management options, please access your account through the web at, or by selecting “Manage Account” from the Account tab of the Talk It app.

For a short season, your password for Talk It will not be in sync with your password for the Online Manager. This means that if you change your password for one, it will not update the other. To recall your password for the online manager, go to and select “recover login information” to receive your original welcome email with your credentials.

Currently, some invoicing agreement types will not display line usage on the Account tab. However, you will be able to see your line usage in your online account, under “Account Usage & Information.”

For groups that share lines for invoicing, Talk It Mobile will show the usage of all members of the group, out of the total lines available to the group, for the current billing cycle.

When a password is changed, after we send out an email with a verification code, we currently we do not then send a second email to confirm the password has been successfully updated. To confirm a successful password change, please try logging into your account with the latest password.

For security reasons, Mobile Assistant is not able to see users’ passwords. You can change your password by selecting “forgot password” on the sign in screen of Talk It Mobile. Please note that for a short time your Talk It Mobile and Online Manager password will not be in sync, so if you change your password for one, you’ll need to change it in the other, if you’d like for them to match.

Taking you to the next screen and not showing a fail banner would give hackers too much information as to which emails exist/do not exist. Be sure to immediately check your email to ensure your intended email address was entered correctly. If you do not receive an email with a verification code, please go back a screen on Talk It Mobile and enter your intended email again.

The verification code in the “let’s reset your password” email will actually expire in an hour. If you experience this, please re-enter your email in the “forgot password” flow and submit again to receive a new verification code.

Yes, but you’ll need to go to the mobile app store to search and download.

Assuming you received your email-verification email from your Free Trial set up, and confirmed the email was yours, our system can take up to a few minutes to create your account. Once the account is fully created, you will be able to log in. If this is the case, please try to login again shortly.