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We use highly trained, U.S. based transcriptionists to deliver the most accurate note-taking solution.

Never miss a detail.

Your business and client success is dependent on the accuracy and detail of your notes. If you’re relying on short term memory, waiting just one hour after a meeting will cost you two-thirds of the meeting details.

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We’ll keep all of your information secure so your business is protected.

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Find what you need, when you need it, with unlimited search and view capability.

Meet your new Assistant.

The built-in Assistant feature will change the way you take and organize notes. The Assistant will guide you with the use of templates, so you never miss a detail.

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You deserve to rest assured your client meeting notes are secure and accurate. You shouldn’t have to settle for “garbled” or distorted notes that require editing. That’s why we created the Talk It mobile app to quickly capture your spoken notes and deliver them into the hands of our highly trained, human transcriptionists.

All of our transcriptionists are highly trained, reliable employees of Mobile Assistant—not part-time contractors. Plus, with over 20 years of transcription experience, thousands of professionals rely on us for their client meeting notes.

We’re not a software company. Our Talk It app is the most efficient way to capture the valuable notes from your short-term memory and transform them into a voice recording.

Within 2 to 3 business days, we will deliver your accurate, detailed notes, by email, into your CRM, and to the Notes section of the Talk It app.

No more editing notes. No more fumbling with paper files. No more forgetting important details.

Just complete, accurate notes from every client meeting organized digitally. Get your free trial today!