Save Time By Using Templates

What are Templates and how can I use them?

Templates are forms available to use when dictating that include specific text and formatting automatically added to the note.

Mobile Assistant can work with you to design specific Templates, with no limit to the number of different Templates you can create. We can also work with your organization to create compliance approved Templates that can be made available for anyone using our service from your group.

Template lines do not count towards your monthly line usage, which can be a significant cost savings.

How can I start using Templates?

1. Choose one of our standard Templates below, or create your Template in a Word document format that includes text you would like to have included automatically in your note.  Send the template to and we will add it to your account.  Remember to name the Template and let us know what that name is so we can identify it when you ask us to use it.  You will be notified when the template has been added to your account and is ready for you to begin using (allow up to 5 business days).

2. When you call Mobile Assistant, before speaking your note say “use my (Name of Template).”

3. Our professional transcription staff will transcribe your dictation within the specified Template. Make sure to follow the Template format and specify where you want information inserted.

Generic Letter #1

Generic Template #1

Generic Template #2

Generic Template #3

Generic Template #4

Account Documentation Form

CAP Account Review Template

Generic Client Meeting Template

Generic Letter #1

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