Mobile Assistant, Inc. Announces New Version of iPhone App for Financial Advisors and Sales Professionals; Integration with Salesforce; Enhanced Integration with Redtail Technology

  • Joins with Salesforce to offer increased dictation benefit for their customers who require client meeting notes
  • US-only human dictation staff hailed by financial advisors as the most accurate, secure, with fastest note turn around times
  • 10 million plus notes transcribed without one breach of confidentiality or disclosure of information for over 16 years

February 23rd, 2015 (Madison, WI) – Mobile Assistant, Inc., the fastest growing mobile dictation service  in the financial and insurance industries, is pleased to announce that it has launched the newest version of its iPhone App in parallel with full integration with Salesforce, the nation’s leading cloud based CRM platform. Salesforce is the latest CRM platform to integrate seamlessly with the dictation service that is hailed by customers as remarkably accurate, fast and secure. Redtail, Ebix, Evernote, CAM System and Advisors Assistant already integrate with Mobile Assistant.

With a background of serving physicians for medical transcription, and the fact that Mobile Assistant uses that same system to process the notes for financial advisory, insurance and sales professionals, a HIPAA compliant framework ensures that the company processes customers’ notes in the most secure, confidential and compliant way possible. The company is also confident, based on current customer feedback, that it is by far the most accurate and fastest in terms of turn-around time for important dictated notes.

“There is no point in trying to save time on the front end dictating notes into a system only to have to re-work gibberish on the back end” says Corey Westphal, CEO of Mobile Assistant. “Our customers care about five things: are the notes accurate; are they delivered back to me swiftly; do they integrate with my CRM; is the system secure and is it compliance approved. We’re proud to put a check in each of those boxes.”

Redtail has designed a new, improved way for Advisors using their CRM to easily sign up for a FREE TRIAL of Mobile Assistant without entering personal information. Listed on the dashboard of Redtail, clients can simply click “SIGN UP” next to Mobile Assistant Messages and have a FREE TRIAL automatically started. It’s never been easier to see the benefits dictation can have when entering client meeting notes.

“It’s not a stretch to say that advisors and their staff can achieve instant ROI with Mobile Assistant as a result of the efficiency and accuracy their service brings to capturing vital notes. Which is why we’ve worked with Mobile Assistant to make it as easy as possible for Redtail subscribers to sign up for a free Mobile Assistant trial so that they can see the efficiencies it offers in action”, said Brian McLaughlin, CEO, Redtail Technology. “Using Mobile Assistant’s intuitive mobile application makes getting notes where they need to go as simple as pushing a record button and talking.

The dictation service that launched in 2008 now serves over 3000 financial advisors and sales professionals and has been capturing advisor market share from competitors at a steadily accelerating pace. Mobile Assistant customers are charged on a monthly or annual subscription that includes 1000 lines of dictation per month which is about 100 minutes of dictation time.

“Our focus is catering to some of the country’s most elite financial advisors, and one of our primary goals is to help them fiercely guard their time as there is no more precious commodity you have in business. We use this tool at Advisors Excel, our clients use this tool, to-date I’ve found no better simple solution to immediately free up and actually put hours back onto the calendar than Mobile Assistant.” said Brad Johnson, Vice President at Advisors Excel. “Another benefit is its astonishing accuracy and the ability to archive thoughts while they are still top-of-mind. Incredible to help you better remember those appointments to serve your clients at the highest level as well as protect you down the road from a compliance and suitability standpoint.”

Key new app features include:

  • Status Line Meter that allows users to track the number of lines used for each billing cycle.
  • An updated Notes section that provides:
    • At-a-glance reports, on a single screen, that summarize note status (e.g., “Note Pending, Submitted,” “Note Pending, Un-submitted, Completed” etc.), with the option to continue recording any uncompleted notes in a single file;
    • A search feature that allows users to search for keywords in the Subject line in the completed notes section, as well as search for keywords that may be added to the Notes.
    • Ability to email completed notes from the app.
  • Automatic Push Notification option that sends a message to the user’s iPhone to confirm that a dictation job has been completed.


About Mobile Assistant

Mobile Assistant is the efficient, accurate way to document critical client meeting information using our Mobile Dictation service. Use Mobile Assistant after a meeting to speak your notes, and a professional, human transcriptionist will type your note and email it back. Talk, Don’t Type.


  • Professional Quality Notes
  • No Time Limit Per Call
  • 8 business hour turnaround
  • Notes emailed to you, available through secure download, or accessible from your iPhone or Android with the TALK IT app