The Elephant In The Room: Explaining The New Mark For Mobile Assistant

History behind the Elephant and Mobile Assistant

The proverbial “Elephant in the Room.” It means different things to different people. For financial advisors and sales professionals, that Elephant is the constant need to document, memorialize, and record client meeting notes in an accurate and efficient way.

Mobile Assistant can tame that Elephant for you and leave you with peace of mind by taking the most time-consuming part of your job and turning it into one of the most efficient, leaving you with more time to do what you do best – work with clients and focus on their needs. The process is simple. Mobile Assistant’s clients call a secure line or use our App and dictate their client meeting notes. The very best transcriptionists in the world then transcribe those notes and email them back to the client in final form.

The President of Mobile Assistant, Corey Westphal, strives to associate the Mobile Assistant name with “Quality” by producing the most accurate notes by any voice-to-text solution on the market.

“Associating the ominous image of the Elephant with Mobile Assistant is a way of branding our service with the ”˜Elephant in the Room’ that our service is designed to usher, if you will, out of the room.”Corey Westphal, President @ Mobile Assistant

Client Testimonials

Wonderful solution
Simon Gladwell
Smart Growth
Human Understanding...
H. Adam Holt
Asset-Map, LLC
An excellent solution
Jasmine Chong
Lo & Co
Mobile Assistant is dynamite!
I've always felt valued by the company
Vicky Bernard
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