Advisors Excel and Mobile Assistant have partnered to offer Mobile Dictation as a tool to increase productivity and stay compliant

Financial Advisors today are facing an increasing demand for compliance by regulatory committees and brokerages.  In addition, Advisors today are facing a new dillema: How to get more work done in less time.

To help alleviate some of these issues, Advisors Excel has partnered with Mobile Assistant, a leading Mobile Dictation service company specializing in helping Financial Advisors Increase productivity, stay compliant, and save money.

“As I can attest to after years of coaching calls with some of the most successful financial advisors in the country, TIME is the one resource advisors all struggle to utilize efficiently. An automated transcription service is a must to free up more of your time and is a staple of all of the top clients I consult. I personally use Mobile Assistant myself as it’s the most accurate, easiest to use, and has the quickest turnaround time on the market and I’ve heard of and tried them all!“  Brad Johnson, Advisors Excel

Advisors ExcelAdvisors Excel is an independently owned, world-class insurance marketing organization focused on helping independent advisors increase their life insurance and annuity business.

Mobile Assistant is the efficient & accurate way to document critical client meeting interactions, draft letters, or capture important meeting details.  Using live transcriptionists, Mobile Assistant provides clients access to Professional Quality Notes, No Time Limit Per Call, Same Business Day Turnaround, and secure access to notes via email, web, or mobile devices.

Advisors Excel clients can sign up for a free trial of Mobile Assistant or visit the Advisors Excel partner pageto access special offers and discounts.


Mobile Assistant Will be present at the “World Series Of Sales Conference” held January 23-25, 2014 in Washington, D.C.