Mobile Assistant: An Approved Vendor for National Planning Holdings Corporation (NPH)

VERONA, WI – Increasing demand on financial advisors for meeting compliance regulations is just one reason to use a Mobile Dictation Service such as Mobile Assistant.

In light of this fact, National Planning Corporation has approved Mobile Assistant as an Approved Vendor to provide mobile dictation services.  Using Mobile Assistant will provide financial advisors one more tool in their arsenal to increase productivity,  stay compliant, and realize cost savings.

Leveraging the collective strength of the four broker-dealers, NPH is able to fulfill the specific needs of three key distribution channels: office of supervisory jurisdiction (OSJ) managers and independent financial advisors, financial institutions, and tax and accounting professionals. The scale of the NPH network also allows the company to establish relationships with a wide range of industry-leading vendors and sponsors.

Mobile Assistant is a leading mobile dictation service company specializing in helping financial advisors increase productivity, stay compliant, and save money.  Call Mobile Assistant, speak your notes, and our professional transcription staff will accurately type your note and email it to you.