The Most Accurate Solution!

It's the most accurate and easiest to use service on the market and I've heard of and tried them all!

Brad Johnson
Advisors Excel

Very practical service

I had been using Mobile Assistant for 30-day or so and I find the service not only professional but also timely and of high quality. I recommend it to all busy professionals who have a lot of document to draft or prepare. You will not regret it.

Robert Neron
Simner Corporation

Love the efficiency of Mobile Assistant!

The finished product came back on-time and perfect. It is helping me gain efficiency... Love the system!

Must Have Solution for Top Advisors

I love Mobile Assistant! You are fast and accurate. Happy to recommend you.

Katherine Vessenes
Vestment Advisors

Mobile Assistant is fast, accurate and economical

I have used other mobile dictation services in the past with a lot of frustration. However, Mobile Assistant is fast, accurate and economical. I would recommend it to anyone.

Craig J. Klaas
Klaas Financial

Recommend it to every advisor

I recommend Mobile Assistant to every financial advisor no matter their experience or size of their practice.

A crucial part of the growth of my business

Mobile Assistant has been a crucial part of the growth of my business as a financial advisor. The dictation service I was using had "garbled" in a lot of the dictations. Now that I am with Mobile Assistant, my staff is more efficient in reviewing notes and completing summary letters after our client meetings. Thank you for the quality service you provide!

Sean Wayne

Far superior to any other transcription service

I had been using a voice transcription service for a few years and thought that I had found the best solution. That is until I test drove Mobile Assistant. All it took was one transcription from them to realize they had settled on my previous provider and shouldn't have. Mobile Assistant is punctual, flexible, and most importantly for me, very accurate in their transcriptions. Their quality is far superior than any transcription service that I've tried.

Jeff Rose

This is efficiency at its best

After you have an important meeting and your creative mind is working, your words are flowing, how great would it be to spend the next few minutes putting your thoughts together in a word document? That's what Mobile Assistant does for me. It takes the distraction of grabbing a PC, logging on, keying in my thoughts. I talk over my key concepts and get the points organized on my Mobile Assistant. When I get my doc back in my inbox, it takes only a few minutes to proof it, add/delete, and it's done. This is efficiency at its best. And, it follows the rule: keep it simple. This is simple! Try it.

Mary Porter

Mobile Assistant is The Best Time Saving Service

I do want you to know that Mobile Assist has become a very valuable tool for me. It is most certainly the best time saving service I have adopted in the past year. Thanks so much for bringing this to the T3 conference, allowing me to "discover" your firm.

Sandra E. Goodstein, CFP, MSFS, CDFA

Highly Recommend Mobile Assistant to all Professionals!

For transcription needs, we highly recommend Mobile Assistant to all our professional services clients. There's no limit on dictation time unlike other services out there where you can only dictate for up to 4 minutes at a time. And, unless dictation is done very late in the day, Mobile Assistant turns it around the very same day in your choice of a MS Word attachment or in an email message. For recurring types of dictation, you can provide Mobile Assistant your Word templates and they will format your dictation right within your template. The accuracy of Mobile Assistant's transcription is unparalleled and their support is phenomenal. Mobile Assistant pays for itself time and time again.

Jody Knouse Poland

It truly is way better

Mobile assistant is way better than copy talk and I'm being very serious. It truly is way better. Night and day. Thus, it was not just good for you and your business, but good for me and my business too.

Doug, CFP, ChFC, RVP

Absolutely NO Comparison

At the recent NAIFA National Conference in Washington DC, I believe I met one of your owners, or top Sales persons, and I had just signed up with Mobile Assistant a few months earlier. They told me they wanted to know if I had any feedback, and I would like to provide that now.

I worked previously with your competitor for a year, and there is absolutely NO comparison. Mobile Assistant FAR Exceeds the service provided by that ”˜other' company. Two specific examples are as follows:

1. I was told that your service does not interrupt dictation with a time limit, and does not send emails to me with ”˜typo's'. While I found that hard to believe at the time, I personally have dictated several memos/emails/letters where I have asked the operator to go back to a certain point in my dictation, make changes, move things around - and Mobile Assistant seems to get it ”˜letter perfect' every time

2. I was also told you would respond to my dictation with an email of the transcription within the same business day. I was absolutely amazed this past week where I dictated something on Monday evening after 6pm CST, and it was provided to me within 10 minutes. But my most pleasantly surprising moment of ”˜fantastic service' provided by your company was when I was in the office on a Sunday (yes, I admit to sometimes being a bit of a ”˜workaholic'). To my amazement, something I dictated on a Sunday afternoon was returned to me, again letter perfect, within 15 minutes.

On a Sunday!

I can't tell you how pleased I have been with this service. I hope you forward this to the appropriate persons in your company recognizing your transcription team.

They are outstanding!

Dennis Haning
New York Life Insurance Company Agent

I've tried all the rest. Mobile Assistant is the best

Over the years I've tried what seems like a half dozen (or more) mobile dictation solutions. These included technology-based solutions as well as human transcription.

Mobile Assistant is without a doubt the best I've tried. It's a tremendous value vs cost and the transcriptions are accurate whether it's a couple of sentences or a 1,000 word draft of an article.

Take it from someone that's already tried everything else out there. Save yourself the time and money, and start with best . . . Mobile Assistant.

Russ Thornton

I highly recommend this service to anyone

I have utilized other dictation services. I appreciate the fact that mobile assistant has an 800 as well as direct dial number and the system automatically recognizes me from my list of phone numbers. The dictation results come back quickly and very accurate. There is no time limit on recordings. I highly recommend this service to anyone - it helps you remember and is a great tool for keeping highly compliant records.

Michael D. Sordyl, CLU ChFC
The Ashley Group

...the most complete and accurate service that I have used in the previous 20 years

This transcription service is the most complete and accurate service that I have used in the previous 20 years of utilizing transcription services. Not only is the majority of the words spelled correctly, but paragraphing is also done and the turnaround is normally within a 24 hour window.

Frank Levy
JHFN Professional

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