Hardware Requirements


  • 64-bit processors preferred


  • Recommended 8 GB

Hard Disk Size:

  • 250 GB or greater

Foot Pedal:

Most USB style foot pedals will work; however, some do not. Dictaphone and DVI style foot pedals have a USB adapter that does not work with our system. One option for purchasing the VEC Infinity IN-USB-2 Pedal. 

Internet Connection:

  • High-speed internet connection is required.

In-Home Networks: 

  • Wireless network connections inside your home may work, but are not supported. Wired connections are preferred.

Software Conflicts:

These programs may need to be removed, in order to install our system.

  • Stedman’s Text Expander
  • Microsoft Works
  • Word Perfect
  • Smart Type Text Expander

Antivirus Recommended:

  • Windows Defender Security works the best with our system and is included with Windows 8.1/10.
  • Most other Anitvirus programs will conflict with our software and may need to be removed.

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