Ever try to talk to someone on the phone while they’re driving with the windows down?  Pretty tough to hear them, huh?  Well here are 5 tips to make sure that you receive the MOST accurate transcription the next time you call Mobile Assistant… Make sure to check out Dictation Tip #3!

Dictation Tip #1: Spell Client Names and Other Proper Names

Spelling client names at the beginning of your note will help your Mobile Assistant transcriptionists accurately type the client name. Spelling other proper names or places will also help our transcriptionists provide you with the most accurate note possible. Be very clear when dictating letters that sound alike (M/N, B/V/D, F/S) stating M as in Mary, N as in Nancy, B as in Boy, etc. Speak clearly when dictating numbers.

Dictation Tip #2: Separate Your Client Notes

Have multiple client notes to dictate? No need to hang up and call back after each note. After dictating on one client, separate the notes by simply pressing the number 6 on your phone.
For iPhone TALK IT users, click the Submit button after each Client Note to separate.

Dictation Tip #3: Quiet Please!

Finding a quiet place to speak your notes will help your Mobile Assistant transcriptionist do an extremely accurate job. Background noise drastically decreases the clarity of your voice, and makes the job of your transcriptionist much harder to deliver you an accurate note. So, please roll up that window, and turn off the radio while dictating!

Dictation Tip #4: Speak Clearly

Although everyone enjoys a donut now and then, dictating while eating one is not recommended. Clearly spoken dictation will result in extremely accurate transcribed notes.

Dictation Tip #5: Using a Template

If using a Template that has been set up for your account, follow the template format and be specific where you want information inserted. If you want headings or text in the Template removed, be specific and indicate what information you would like removed. Otherwise, everything in the Template will be left in the report.